The Texas License to Carry (LTC) permit, also called the Texas concealed handgun license (CHL), is the conceal carry permit needed to lawfully carry a handgun concealed or open on your person and outside of your personal property. The Texas LTC class can be taken online or in person by a qualified Texas Department of Public Safety approved instructor. At K2 Defense we have the opportunity to offer both classes as a Texas DPS approved online and in person LTC instructor.

Step 1:

Apply for your Texas LTC permit online at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Step 2:

Take the in person or online Texas License to Carry a Handgun class.

Step 3:

Schedule your to complete your fingerprints and upload your LTC-100 or LTC-101.

Online License to Carry Class

Our Texas online LTC class can be taken from anywhere in the world and at anytime.  Whether you prefer to lounge on your couch on a Sunday afternoon, knock out a few modules from your bed after a twelve hour shift, or squeeze in a topic or two from your car on your lunch break our course can be viewed from any smartphone, computer, or tablet for your convenience. The online Texas license to carry course will take at the least the required Texas DPS four hours to complete but is self paced so you can take your time or speed through. Once you have completed the online conceal carry class you will need to contact us to schedule your in person LTC shooting qualification and instruction in order to complete your license to carry training.


LTC Shooting Qualification included in fee*

LTC Shooting Qualification Hosted in Northlake, Texas or Lewisville, Texas*

In Person License to Carry Class

Our in person Texas License to Carry course hosted in Denton County, Texas is for those that prefer an up close and personal, face to face experience in a classroom setting.  The benefit of the classroom version is that the Texas LTC shooting qualification is hosted at the same time so no need to worry about scheduling it at a later date. Class sizes range in number and can also be scheduled for private group settings. Whether in person or online, the class will cover the required Texas DPS topics and prepare you for the legal responsibility of possessing your conceal carry weapon in Texas.


LTC Class Hosted in Northlake, Texas or Lewisville, Texas*

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Texas LTC Shooting Qualification

On the range, you will shoot the following qualification: 

From a distance of 3 Yards:

  1. 1 shot in 2 seconds (5 times)
  2. 2 shots in 3 seconds (5 times)
  3. 5 shots in 10 seconds (1 time)

From a distance of 7 Yards:

  1. 5 shots in 10 seconds (1 time)
  2. 2 shots in 4 seconds (1 time)
  3. 3 shots in 6 seconds (1 time)
  4. 1 shot in 3 seconds (5 times)
  5. 5 shots in 15 seconds (1 time)

From a distance of 15 Yards:

  • 2 shots in 6 seconds (1 time)
  • 3 shots in 9 seconds (1 time)
  • 5 shots in 15 seconds (1 time)

Total maximum score is 250 and students need to score atleast 70%
Below are the amount of points gained based on the location of your shot. HEADSHOTS ARE ONLY WORTH 3 POINTS EACH. Aiming for the 5 point area is recommended to ensure a passing score.