Security Consulting & Training

Whether you’re looking for an assessment to identify critical areas of concern or looking for training to prepare your team for scenarios, K2 Defense can assist.  ​Below we give you an idea of some of the services offered.  Please contact us to discuss individual team training, hosting a public seminar for in your area, or consulting.

Campus Penetration Test

Schedule a date for us to anonymously attend your services and attempt to access restricted areas or other non distracting opportunities.  Afterwards, a debrief will be scheduled to review a report generated with opportunities for improvement or discussion.

Campus Risk Assessment​​

Schedule a campus tour for your representative or team to walk us through your campus to conduct a risk assessment and point out areas of concern and potential opportunities for improvement.  Our assessment will be followed up with a formal report of our findings and discussion points for your future planning.

Develop Team Duties & Functions

Review your existing documentation, or assist in establishing new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specifying duties and functions for your safety/security team and individual post positions.

Develop Emergency Response Plans (ERP)

Review your existing Emergency Response Plan or assist in establishing a customized plan unique to your campus and areas of concern such as active shooting, medical, or weather related emergencies.

Building/ Develop Safety/Security Team ​Recruitment Process​​

Review your existing process for accepting new safety/security team members, or assist in establishing a process to focus your application and on-boarding process on necessary candidate traits.

Equipment Assessments/Recommendations

Provide recommendations on equipment based on team function and concerns tailored to your campus. 

Safety/Security Team Basic Training

Provide base level training on safety/security duties and functions for newly formed teams or those revisiting the fundamentals on items such as ministry safety/security vs private, de-escalation, force continuum, safety vs security, and situational awareness.

Reality Based Training Scenarios​

Develop realistic training scenarios with potential to evolve based on interaction with roles and team decisions. Scenarios are designed with elements of interest of your team so that you focus training on areas of concern.

Texas DPS Level 2 and or Level 3 Licensed Security Guard Training​

Provide state approved non commission and commissioned security guard training as a Texas Department of Public Safety license training school. After successful completion, members of your team are qualified to be licensed as private security and employed under a licensed security guard company as a uniformed armed guard.

Texas License to Carry Training​

Provide state approved License to Carry class to members of your team or congregation hosted in the comfort and familiarity of you campus.  Shooting qualification is required to take place at a gun range.

CPR/First Aid/ AED Training

Provide American Heart Association Basic Life Support or community based Heartsaver training in CPR, AED, and First Aid.  Once completed students will receive an official AHA CPR/AED/First Aid card, widely recognized as acceptable training for requirements in the medical industry.