Online Texas Commissioned Private Security Pepper Spray Certification


This course covers the use of pepper spray (chemical dispensing device) by private security officers.

Today’s security professional faces a large variety of threats and challenges in the security profession. To face these threats effectively, he or she must be both well trained and well equipped. Pepper spray is an important and useful tool for the security officer, and will provide him or her with greater flexibility in security detail while maintaining order, as well as a secure and safe environment.

Note: Level 3 Commission Officer Course required before taking this course.

Texas Pepper Spray certification course topics to be discussed:

  • The History of Chemical Weapons
  • Introduction to Modern Chemical Weapons
  • OC Pepper Spray (Oleoresincapsicum)
  • Understanding OC Spray
  • First Aid / Decontamination
  • Side Effects
  • Criminal and Civil Liability
  • Drills (Inert Pepper Spray)